Growing up in the 80s was THE best in my opinion. The movies were freaking awesome (hello Karate Kid, Star Wars, Batman, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off) and so were the toys, tv shows and MUSIC!
Yesterday, I saw a meme on Facebook and it pushed all sorts of buttons with me--I don't have a lot of pet peeves, but one of them is absolutely this when it comes to texting:

I can't stand the "type b" person's texting style. I drives me crazy when I am texting someone who sends several in a row instead of one long one. I'm a super slow texter (I use one finger on my small iPhone 6 and I can't help but correct spelling/grammar when I make a mistake) so when someone texts me, I'll start a...

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Whether you're following a keto diet, low carb or just want to lower your carb intake at night, this "no yellow container" dinner from Ultimate Portion Fix will hit the spot!
When you repeat a positive affirmation over and over again and you believe in that affirmation, your subconscious can be influenced and create this positive change.
Wintertime is always a good time for some warm soup so for my 3rd "no yellow / low carb' dinner this week I whipped up this super simple keto soup!
I'm excited to finally be able to make this! I have seen several recipes in the heritage cookbooks that call for "graham flour". And some recipes say to "serve with graham bread". I didn't know what that was, so I did some research.
Graham flour is just whole wheat flour, but very coarsely ground. It's about as rustic a flour as you can buy. It was developed by Sylvester Graham in the early 1830's (and yes, it is commonly used to make graham crackers--although, the early graham crackers were...

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For the very first time, Beachbody is bringing us a fitness program that's designed to be taken outside! 30 Day Breakaway is a combination of a strength program + running that is designed to have you completing a 5K on d...
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